Collection Area, Golf Term

In golf, the term “collection area” refers to a specific area on a golf course, usually around the green, designed to collect errant shots. It is an area strategically positioned to gather and hold balls that miss the intended target, providing a better chance for players to recover and make an up-and-down for a successful score.

Here are a few key points about the concept of a “collection area” in golf:

  1. Location: Collection areas are typically found around the green, particularly in areas where the ground slopes away from the putting surface. They can be located on one or multiple sides of the green, depending on the course design and layout.
  2. Purpose: The primary purpose of a collection area is to provide golfers with an opportunity to recover from an errant shot around the green. Instead of having a ball roll or bounce further away from the intended target, the collection area catches and holds the ball, preventing it from going out of bounds, into hazards, or into difficult rough.
  3. Design: Collection areas are often strategically shaped and contoured to funnel balls toward a central area. They may have slopes or mounding that guide the ball towards the center, making it easier for golfers to find their balls and play their next shot.
  4. Playability: Collection areas are designed to be playable, offering golfers a chance to make an up-and-down or get the ball back onto the green. While they may present challenges such as longer grass or uneven lies, they generally provide a better opportunity for recovery compared to hazards or out-of-bounds areas.
  5. Strategic Considerations: Golfers need to consider collection areas when planning their shots around the green. Knowing the location and contours of the collection area helps golfers strategize their approach shots and aim for areas that provide the best chance of recovery.
  6. Course Management: Understanding how to navigate collection areas effectively is part of course management. Golfers may choose conservative shots to avoid landing in a collection area or use them strategically to take advantage of the opportunity for recovery.

Overall, collection areas in golf provide golfers with a chance to salvage a good score by collecting errant shots around the green. They are designed to assist players in recovering from mistakes and add an element of strategy and challenge to the game.

A swale or hollow, usually mowed at fairway height, just off the putting green. Balls that find this area usually collect toward the bottom.