Coil Golf Term

In golf, the term “coil” refers to the rotational movement and tension created in the body during the backswing. It is an important aspect of the golf swing that helps generate power and proper sequencing for an efficient and effective swing.

Here are a few key points about the concept of “coil” in golf:

  1. Definition: Coil in the golf swing refers to the twisting or winding of the upper body against the lower body during the backswing. It involves rotating the shoulders and torso while maintaining a stable lower body position.
  2. Power Generation: Creating coil in the golf swing helps store potential energy that can be released during the downswing, resulting in increased clubhead speed and power. The separation between the upper body and lower body created by the coil allows for a more efficient transfer of energy from the body to the club.
  3. Proper Sequence: The coil is an essential element of the proper sequencing of the golf swing. It helps establish the correct sequence of movement, where the rotation of the shoulders and torso leads the downswing, followed by the rotation of the hips and lower body. This sequence ensures a well-timed and coordinated swing that maximizes power and accuracy.
  4. Maintaining Balance and Stability: While creating coil, it's important to maintain balance and stability in the lower body. The lower body should remain stable and resist excessive lateral movement or swaying. This stability allows for a more consistent and controlled swing.
  5. Importance of Flexibility and Mobility: Developing adequate flexibility and mobility in the shoulders, torso, and hips is essential for achieving a proper coil in the golf swing. Regular stretching and exercises targeting these areas can help golfers improve their ability to create and maintain coil during the swing.
  6. Instruction and Practice: Working with a golf instructor or coach can help golfers develop a proper coil in their swing. They can provide guidance on body positions, rotational movements, and drills to enhance coil and overall swing mechanics. Practicing drills that promote rotational movements and maintaining coil can help reinforce the concept and improve swing performance.

Coil is a fundamental concept in the golf swing that plays a crucial role in generating power and maintaining proper sequencing. Developing the ability to create and maintain coil through proper body rotation and stability can lead to more consistent and powerful shots on the golf course.

Coil – The tension and action of turning the hips and shoulders during the back swing before committing to the downswing. Example. A golfer with more coil will allow the club to travel faster generating more club speed.