cnc milled-putterss

“CNC milled putters” refer to a type of golf putter that is manufactured using computer numerical control (CNC) milling technology. It is a modern manufacturing method that involves using computer-guided machinery to precisely shape and mill the putter head from a solid block of metal.

Here are a few key points about CNC milled putters:

  1. Manufacturing Process: CNC milling is a precise and automated manufacturing process that uses computer software to control the movement of cutting tools. The putter head design is programmed into the computer, and the CNC machine precisely cuts and shapes the putter head from a block of metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum.
  2. Precision and Consistency: CNC milling ensures high levels of precision, consistency, and accuracy in the manufacturing process. The computer-controlled machinery can create intricate and detailed designs with tight tolerances, resulting in putters with consistent specifications from one club to another.
  3. Customization: CNC milling allows for customization options in putter design. Manufacturers can create various head shapes, hosel configurations, and weight distributions to cater to different golfer preferences and playing styles. Golfers can choose from a wide range of options to find a putter that suits their stroke and visual preferences.
  4. Face Milling Patterns: CNC milled putters often feature specific face milling patterns on the putter face. These patterns are carefully designed to enhance the roll and feel of the ball upon impact. Different face milling patterns can provide varying levels of friction and consistency, allowing golfers to fine-tune their putting performance.
  5. Premium Craftsmanship: CNC milled putters are often associated with high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. The milling process allows for intricate designs and precise weight distribution, resulting in visually appealing putters that exude a premium look and feel.
  6. Performance Benefits: CNC milled putters are favored by many golfers for their performance benefits. The precise milling process helps create a putter with consistent weight distribution, optimal balance, and improved feel. The face milling patterns can enhance ball roll and accuracy, leading to improved putting performance on the greens.

CNC milled putters are popular among golfers who appreciate the precision, craftsmanship, and performance benefits they offer. The technology allows for customization, consistent manufacturing, and attention to detail, making CNC milled putters a preferred choice for many golfers seeking high-quality and high-performing putters on the greens.

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) milling is a process used to create putters from a block of steel. CNC milling ensures uniform flatness across the putter’s face as well as consistent balance throughout the head.

Manufacturers including Thomas Golf ( often place CNC-milled inserts in the putter’s face.