Claw Putting Grip, Golf Term

The “Claw Putting Grip” is a golf term referring to a specific putting grip technique used by some golfers to enhance control and accuracy on the greens. It is an alternative grip style that deviates from the traditional overlapping or interlocking grip commonly used in golf.

Here are a few key points about the Claw Putting Grip:

  1. Grip Technique: In the Claw Putting Grip, the golfer uses a modified hand positioning on the putter grip. The lead hand (left hand for right-handed golfers, right hand for left-handed golfers) adopts a traditional grip style, with the palm facing towards the target. The trail hand (right hand for right-handed golfers, left hand for left-handed golfers) is positioned with the palm facing away from the target, and the fingers are extended in a claw-like manner, resembling a crab's claw or a bird's talons.
  2. Purpose: The Claw Putting Grip is used by some golfers to promote a more stable and consistent putting stroke. It is believed to help reduce excessive wrist action and unwanted hand movements during the putting motion. The grip encourages a quieter and more controlled stroke, which can aid in improved distance control and alignment.
  3. Benefits: The Claw Putting Grip can offer several potential benefits to golfers. It can help minimize the influence of the hands and wrists, allowing for a more pendulum-like motion with the putter. The grip may also alleviate tension in the hands and promote a smoother stroke. Additionally, the claw grip can provide a different feel and touch, which some golfers find helpful in their putting performance.
  4. Personal Preference: The choice of putting grip style, including the Claw Putting Grip, is highly individual and depends on personal comfort and performance. Some golfers naturally gravitate towards the claw grip due to its perceived benefits, while others prefer more traditional grip styles. It's important for golfers to experiment and find the grip that suits their game and provides the best results for their putting performance.

The Claw Putting Grip is just one of many grip options available to golfers. While it has gained popularity among professionals and amateur golfers alike, it's important to remember that individual preferences and techniques can vary. Golfers should explore different grip styles, seek guidance from a golf instructor if needed, and ultimately select the grip that helps them achieve optimal putting performance on the greens.

Grip method where the left (lead) hand is placed on top of the handle in conventional fashion, while the right hand holds the bottom of the grip between the thumb (underside of the grip) and fingers (front side).