clearing the hips term


“Clear the hips” is a golf term used to describe a specific movement in the golf swing where the hips rotate or turn towards the target during the downswing. It is a fundamental movement that helps generate power, proper sequencing, and efficient transfer of energy from the body to the club.

Here are a few key points about clearing the hips in the golf swing:

  1. Hip Rotation: Clearing the hips refers to the rotational movement of the hips during the downswing. As the golfer starts the downswing, the lead hip (left hip for right-handed golfers, right hip for left-handed golfers) initiates the rotation towards the target. This movement allows the golfer to bring the club and hands into the correct position and create torque and power in the swing.
  2. Importance of Clearing the Hips: Clearing the hips is crucial for generating clubhead speed and transferring energy effectively. By rotating the hips, the golfer creates a proper sequence in the swing, where the lower body leads the downswing, followed by the upper body and the club. This sequencing allows for a more powerful and efficient transfer of energy from the ground up, resulting in increased clubhead speed and distance.
  3. Proper Technique: To clear the hips effectively, golfers should focus on maintaining proper balance and posture throughout the swing. The movement should be initiated from the lower body, with the hips turning and rotating towards the target in a smooth and controlled manner. It's important to avoid excessive lateral movement or sway and maintain stability and balance during the rotation.
  4. Timing and Practice: Clearing the hips requires proper timing and coordination with the rest of the golf swing. It takes practice and repetition to develop a consistent and effective hip rotation. Golfers can work on hip mobility exercises, lower body strengthening, and rotational drills to improve their ability to clear the hips efficiently.

Clearing the hips is a fundamental aspect of the golf swing that contributes to power, consistency, and proper sequencing. By focusing on hip rotation and incorporating it into your swing, you can enhance your ability to generate clubhead speed, improve ball striking, and achieve more distance and accuracy off the tee and with your irons. Working with a golf instructor or professional can provide additional guidance and feedback on proper hip rotation and its integration into your swing.

Clear the Hips: Rotating the hips to the golfer’s left (toward the target) during the downswing. A golfer has properly cleared the hips when the hips point left of the target at the moment the club contacts the ball.