in between clubs term


“Between clubs” is a golf term used to describe a situation where a golfer faces a shot that requires a distance between the yardage covered by their available clubs. It means that the golfer must choose between two clubs, one of which would be too much for the shot and the other too little.

For example, if a golfer is 150 yards away from the green and typically hits their 7-iron 160 yards, but their 8-iron only goes 140 yards, they are in a “between clubs” situation. They have to decide whether to hit a softer shot with the 7-iron, hoping to control the distance, or take a stronger swing with the 8-iron and potentially overshoot the target.

In such situations, golfers consider factors such as wind, elevation changes, and the shape of the shot required (e.g., a high shot or a low shot). They make a decision based on their experience, skill level, and judgment to select the club that they believe will give them the best chance of executing the shot accurately.

Between Clubs Golf Term: When a golfer faces a shot from a distance that falls between his maximum yardage with two separate clubs, he’s said to be “between clubs.” For example, the golfer who hits an 8-iron 150 yards and a 9-iron 140 yards is between clubs at 145 yards from the target.