Best Ball Golf Term

“Best Ball” is a golf term that refers to a format of play commonly used in team competitions. It is also known as “Four-Ball” or “Better Ball.” In this format, each player on a team plays their own ball throughout the round, and the team's score for each hole is determined by the lowest score among the team members on that particular hole.

Here's how the Best Ball format works:

  1. Team Composition: A team typically consists of two players, although it can also involve more players depending on the competition format.
  2. Individual Play: Each player plays their own ball from the tee to the green, keeping track of their own score on each hole.
  3. Team Score: After each hole is completed, the team compares the scores of each player on the team. The lowest score among the team members becomes the team's score for that hole. The other player's scores are not counted.
  4. Recording Scores: The team records the best score for each hole on their scorecard and adds them up to determine the team's total score for the round.

The Best Ball format allows team members to play their own shots while benefiting from the best score on each hole. It encourages competitive play and allows teammates to support and rely on each other's performance. This format is often used in team events, such as team tournaments or Ryder Cup-style competitions.

It's important to note that the Best Ball format is different from a scramble format, where all team members play their shots from the same spot and select the best shot to continue playing from. In Best Ball, each player plays their own ball independently.

Overall, the Best Ball format provides an enjoyable and strategic team dynamic in golf, allowing players to showcase their individual skills while contributing to the team's success.

Best Ball– A type of tournament played when each member of a team completes a hole with their own score, and then records the lowest score out of the team for the hole. This process is continued for 18 holes and lowest scores on each hole is added for a total round score. Teams can have two to four members.