Ball Mark Tool Golf Term


In golf, a “ball mark tool” or “ball mark repair tool” is a small device specifically designed to repair ball marks on the putting green. It is also commonly known as a divot repair tool or pitchfork.

A ball mark tool typically consists of a handle or grip with two metal prongs or tines at the end. The prongs are used to gently lift the turf around the ball mark, allowing it to be repaired. Some ball mark tools may have additional features or designs for added convenience, such as a magnetic holder to attach it to a golf bag or a clip for easy access.

When a golfer approaches their ball mark on the putting green, they can use the ball mark tool to insert the prongs into the turf around the mark. By applying slight pressure, the golfer can then push the edges of the mark toward the center, effectively leveling the surface. The goal is to restore the smoothness of the green and promote the healing and regrowth of the turf.

Repairing ball marks with a proper tool is considered an important part of golf etiquette. It is recommended to repair any ball mark, even if it's not your own, as it helps maintain the quality of the greens for all players. Neglected or improperly repaired ball marks can impact the roll of putts and the overall enjoyment of the game.

Having a ball mark tool in one's golf bag is essential for every golfer, as it allows them to easily and efficiently repair ball marks on the putting green. Golfers are encouraged to carry a ball mark tool with them during their rounds and utilize it whenever necessary to promote course maintenance and good golfing etiquette.

Ball Mark Tool – a tool that is used to raise the impressed earth and than flattened back down to recreate a smooth putting surface.