Should I Use Hybrids For My Short Game Needs?

    Should I Use Hybrids For My Short Game Needs?: Yes

    When we have a discussion about hybrid clubs, we need to point out that these types of clubs can even be used around the greens. When you find yourself in a tricky spot, with your ball resting up against the edge of the rough near the putting surface, you may be able to use your hybrid to bump the ball up toward the hole. This is a simple shot to use, and it is highly effective.

    When your ball is up against the edge of the rough around the green, you may have trouble playing a successful shot with one of your wedges. This is because the long grass behind the ball is going to make it difficult to achieve solid contact. Instead of trying to hit a typical chip shot, you may find more success by using your hybrid club with a putting-type motion. This shot is just going to sweep the club head through the grass, knocking the ball up toward the hole without much trouble. You usually won’t run the risk of miss-hitting this shot like you would a chip, and it is easy to get the ball started on the right line as well.

    The main challenge you are likely to run into when adding this shot to your repertoire is learning how to control the distance. Most golfers find that the ball comes off quicker than they are expecting, so plenty of practice is in order to make sure you can manage your speed properly. Also, if the grass behind the ball is too long or thick, it might be tough to work the hybrid through and into the back of the ball. In that case, you may need to go back to a wedge and come up with some other kind of method for moving the ball forward.

    With only 14 clubs to work with as you make your way around the course, it is important to have as much versatility in your bag as possible. Not only are hybrid clubs effective both on the tee and from the fairway, they are even useful around the greens as well. You will almost certainly get more use out of your hybrids than you will your long irons, which is reason enough to consider making a switch.

    We hope this information about hybrid clubs and their shape will help you understand why they are such a valuable tool on the golf course. Far from just a club meant to help beginners and high-handicappers, hybrids can be used effectively by players of all skill levels. If you do acquire a hybrid club or two, make sure you use it enough during practice to build up your trust in its abilities. Then, when on the course, you can turn to it with no reservations. Good luck!