Should I choose a fairway wood with a stiff or regular flex shaft

Should I choose a fairway wood with a stiff or regular flex shaft?

Golfers are often faced with this common question when deciding on a fairway wood. The flex of a golf club's shaft plays a crucial role in determining the ball's flight and the golfer's accuracy and consistency. In the case of fairway woods, it is important to consider the player's swing speed and overall skill level to make an informed decision.

Understanding Shaft Flex

The flex of a golf club's shaft refers to its ability to bend during the swing. It directly affects the timing, distance, and trajectory of shots. The three main types of shaft flex are extra stiff, stiff, and regular. Extra stiff shafts are designed for players with extremely fast swing speeds, stiff shafts are suitable for golfers with moderate swing speeds, and regular flex shafts are generally recommended for those with slower swing speeds.

Player's Swing Speed

One of the key factors in choosing the right flex for a fairway wood is the player's swing speed. Swing speed is typically measured in miles per hour (mph) and is a good indicator of the power generated during the swing. Golfers with higher swing speeds tend to generate more power, while those with slower swing speeds generate less power.

Stiff Flex for Faster Swings

If you have a fast swing speed, opting for a fairway wood with a stiff flex shaft would be recommended. Stiff flex shafts provide less bend during the swing, enabling players with faster swings to maintain better control and accuracy. The stiffer shaft also offers a lower trajectory, which can be advantageous in windy conditions or when trying to achieve more distance.

Regular Flex for Slower Swings

On the other hand, if your swing speed is on the slower side, a fairway wood with a regular flex shaft would be more suitable. Regular flex shafts allow for more bend, which helps golfers with slower swings generate more power and distance. The higher trajectory of regular flex shafts also aids in getting the ball airborne more easily.

Skill Level and Preference

While swing speed is a significant consideration, a player's skill level and personal preference also come into play when choosing the flex of a fairway wood shaft. Golfers who are more experienced and have developed good swing mechanics may prefer a specific flex based on their feel and desired ball flight. It is important to try out different options and consult with a professional club fitter to find the best fit for your game.


The choice between a stiff or regular flex shaft for a fairway wood depends on several factors, with swing speed being the primary consideration. Players with faster swing speeds should opt for a stiff flex to maximize control and accuracy, while those with slower swing speeds would benefit from a regular flex for increased power and distance. Ultimately, trial and error combined with professional advice will help you determine the best flex for your game, ensuring optimal performance on the golf course.