Q and A on Private Club, Lessons, Walk or Ride

    To wrap up this article of questions and answers, we have listed three miscellaneous questions below.

  • Should I join a private golf club, or play a variety of public courses? This is a question that comes down to personal preference. For some golfers, there is a lot to like about the private club experience. It is usually easier to get a tee time, the pace of play is better than it is on public courses, and the club will have other amenities outside of golf (in most cases). The appeal of public golf, on the other hand, is variety. You can play a bunch of different courses throughout the season, perhaps making the game more interesting. Also, if the weather is bad or your get busy, you aren’t paying for golf that you don’t wind up playing. In the end, you need to think about what you want to get out of the game, and make your decision accordingly.
  • Is it worth it to take golf lessons? While your experience will depend on a number of factors, most golfers benefit from taking private lessons with a local professional. It is tremendously helpful to have a qualified pro watch you swing the club and suggest improvements you can make to your technique. Fortunately, private golf lessons tend to be pretty affordable, so you shouldn’t need to invest too much money into this process in order to improve your game.
  • Should I walk or ride? One of the first decisions you will need to make when you arrive at the course is whether you are going to walk or ride during your round. The benefits of walking include possibly saving money on your greens fee, enjoying the fresh air as you stroll up the fairway, and chatting with others as you walk. In favor of riding, however, are points such as saving energy and playing a quicker round overall. This is a personal decision in the end, and there isn’t a right or wrong. Think about your preference, as well as your physical condition and the weather, before making your choice.
  • We hope the answers provided throughout the article will help you as you continue to learn about this wonderful game. Golf is pretty complicated, especially for the beginner, so it is understandable if you have a lot of questions. There is nothing wrong with asking for help as a new golfer, so keep looking for answers to your questions and you’ll have more and more fun with this game moving forward. Good luck!