Question: How to Stay Relaxed on the Greens

Answer: In your long game the relationship between distance and relaxation is very important, but relaxation is important in another part of the game as well – on the greens. When putting, you need to make sure both your mind and body are as relaxed as possible in order to hit great putts. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay relaxed when putting, since the pressure of being so close to the hole can weigh on your mind. Even though you aren’t trying to hit the ball any kind of significant distance, you still may find that your body tenses up and your mind starts to run through all the ways you could miss the putt.

So, how do you stay relaxed when the putter is in your hands? The first step is the same as one of the points we made in the previous section – you need to accept the inevitability of misses. You are going to miss putts from time to time. In fact, you’ll almost certainly miss at least one putt (and usually more) in every round you ever play. For an 18-hole round, you’ll be doing well if you get through with 28 putts. That means you will have missed 10 times during that single round. Since missing putts is so common, there is no reason to obsess over perfection. You’re going to miss, and you’re going to miss a lot. If you use that information to help you relax, you may be able to convince a couple extra putts per round to fall in.

One other key to relaxing while putting is to prepare yourself thoroughly. Many amateur golfers spend plenty of time on the driving range working on swing technique, without so much as thinking about paying a visit to the practice green. If that sounds like you, it would be wise to change your habits as soon as possible. Make sure that practice putting is a part of your regular routine, so you can build up the kind of confidence needed to relax on the greens.

Whether you are putting or swinging a driver, relaxing your body and mind is a great way to allow your talent to shine through. Obviously, this is easier said than done, as golf can be a stressful and challenging game. We hope the tips provided in this article will help you to stay relaxed during all of your shots, and we hope you will see improved results in the end. Good luck!