How do I improve my distance control on long putts

How to Improve Distance Control on Long Putts

Distance control is a crucial aspect of a golfer's putting game, particularly when it comes to long putts. Without the ability to accurately gauge the distance, it becomes challenging to consistently sink those long putts. Here are a few tips to help you improve your distance control on long putts:

  • Practice: Like any other skill in golf, distance control on long putts requires practice. Dedicate some time to practicing long putts on the putting green. The more you practice, the better you will get at assessing the distance and making the necessary adjustments to your stroke.
  • Read the Green: Before attempting a long putt, take some time to read the green. Pay attention to the slope, grain, and any other potential factors that may affect the pace of the ball. Analyzing the green's characteristics will give you a better understanding of how much power is needed and the line you should take.
  • Visualization: Visualize the path and the speed of the ball rolling towards the hole. This mental exercise will help you develop a feel for the distance and improve your distance control. Envisioning a successful putt can boost your confidence and improve your ability to judge the pace accurately.
  • Pendulum Putting Stroke: Adopting a pendulum putting stroke can enhance your distance control on long putts. The pendulum motion ensures a consistent and smooth stroke, reducing the chances of hitting the ball too hard or too softly. Focus on the length of your backswing and follow-through to achieve a reliable pendulum stroke.
  • Club Selection: Choosing the right club for long putts can impact your distance control. Consider using a putter with a longer shaft or one specifically designed for long-distance putting. Experiment with different putters to find the one that feels comfortable and helps you achieve better distance control.
  • Utilize a Putter Grip Pressure: Maintaining a consistent grip pressure is essential for distance control. Avoid gripping the putter too tightly, as it may result in a tense stroke and inconsistent distance on long putts. Find a comfortable grip pressure that allows you to execute a smooth and controlled stroke.
  • Practice Lag Putting: Lag putting involves aiming to get the ball close to the hole without necessarily trying to sink it. Practicing lag putting can improve your distance control on long putts. Focus on getting the ball within a reasonable distance from the hole, ultimately giving yourself a better chance for a one-putt or an easy tap-in.
  • Evaluate Your Putts: After each long putt, pay attention to the outcome and adjust your approach accordingly. Take note of any patterns or tendencies in your distance control. Adjust your stroke length, power, or grip pressure as needed to improve your effectiveness on long putts.
  • Stay Patient: Distance control on long putts can be challenging, and it often takes time to master. Patience is key in improving this skill. Don't get discouraged by missed putts or lack of progress. Stay focused, dedicated, and continue to practice regularly.

By implementing these tips and consistently working on your distance control, you can enhance your long putting game and become more proficient at sinking those challenging putts.