How to Handle a Long Bunker Shot with a Buried Lie

Handling a long bunker shot with a buried lie can be challenging, but with the right technique and strategy, you can navigate your way out successfully. Here are a few tips to help you execute this shot effectively:

  • Evaluate the lie: Before deciding on your plan of action, assess the lie of the ball in the bunker. A buried lie typically means the ball is deeply submerged in the sand. This will require a different approach compared to a regular bunker shot.
  • Choose the right club: To maximize your chances of getting out of the bunker successfully, opt for a higher lofted club like a sand wedge or lob wedge. The additional loft will help you get the ball up quickly and prevent it from digging in deeper into the sand.
  • Take an aggressive stance: To generate more power and prevent the club from getting stuck in the sand, position your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. This wider stance will provide you with a stable base for a more forceful swing.
  • Open your clubface: Open the clubface slightly to increase the loft of the club even further. This will help the ball get up in the air faster and reduce the distance it needs to travel to escape the bunker.
  • Posture and grip: Set up with a slightly open stance, aiming to the left of your target (if you are right-handed). Maintain a firm grip on the club and grip it slightly tighter than usual as you will need more control to execute the shot properly.
  • Swing with power: To powerfully dig the ball out of the sand, take a steeper swing path and strike the sand just behind the ball. Focus on accelerating through the shot and maintaining a firm wrist position to prevent the club from decelerating and getting stuck.
  • Follow-through: Continue your swing after striking the sand, allowing the club to follow through. This follow-through will help you generate more power and prevent the club from digging too deeply into the sand.
  • Practice: As with any difficult shot, practice is crucial. Head to the practice bunker and dedicate time to practicing long bunker shots with buried lies. Experiment with different techniques and adjustments to find what works best for you.

Remember, handling a long bunker shot with a buried lie requires a combination of technique, strategy, and practice. By evaluating the lie, choosing the right club, and executing an aggressive swing, you can increase your chances of success. Practice regularly, and soon you'll feel more confident and proficient when facing this challenging shot on the golf course.