How to Play a Bunker Shot from a Plugged Lie against the Back Lip

Playing a bunker shot from a plugged lie against the back lip can be a challenging situation in golf. However, with the right technique and approach, you can successfully navigate this difficult shot. Here are some steps to help you play a bunker shot from a plugged lie against the back lip:

  1. Assess the lie: Carefully examine the position of the ball in the plugged lie. Take note of the depth and compactness of the sand around the ball. This will help you plan your shot accordingly.
  2. Select the right club: Choose a wedge with enough loft to clear the lip of the bunker. A sand wedge or lob wedge is usually a good option for this type of shot.
  3. Open the clubface: Open the clubface slightly to increase the effective loft of the club. This will help you get the ball up and out of the bunker more easily.
  4. Position your feet: Place your feet firmly in the sand, slightly wider than shoulder width apart. This will provide you with a stable base to make your swing.
  5. Take a wider stance: Extend your arms and take a wider stance than usual to create more power and stability during the swing.
  6. Play the ball back in your stance: Position the ball slightly back in your stance, closer to your right foot (for right-handed golfers). This will help you create a steeper angle of attack to dig the ball out of the sand.
  7. Take a full swing: Make a complete backswing, allowing your wrists to hinge naturally. Keep your upper body stable and focus on maintaining your balance throughout the swing.
  8. Accelerate through impact: As you swing down, accelerate the clubhead through the sand behind the ball. Aim to strike the sand about an inch or two behind the ball to ensure a clean contact.
  9. Follow through: After striking the sand, continue your swing and follow through to a full finish. This will help propel the ball up and out of the bunker, clearing the back lip.
  10. Assess the result: Once you've played the shot, assess the result and make note of any adjustments you may need to make for future shots from similar lies.

Remember, playing a bunker shot from a plugged lie against the back lip requires practice and patience. It's important to develop a feel for the shot and gain confidence in your ability to execute it. With these tips and consistent practice, you'll improve your chances of successfully navigating this challenging situation on the golf course.