How to Generate More Lag in Your Downswing

Generating more lag in your downswing is a crucial technique in golf that can greatly improve your distance and accuracy. Lag refers to the angle created between the clubshaft and your lead arm during the downswing. The more lag you create, the more power you can deliver to the ball at impact. Here are some tips to help you generate more lag in your downswing: How can I generate more lag in my downswing?

  • Proper Grip: Start with a proper grip, ensuring that your lead hand is strong (rotated slightly to the right for right-handed golfers) and your trailing hand is in a neutral position. This will allow your wrists to hinge correctly during the swing.
  • Early Set: Begin your backswing by hinging your wrists early in the takeaway. This early set will help you create more lag as you transition into the downswing.
  • Upper Body Rotation: Increase the separation between your upper body rotation and lower body rotation. During the downswing, focus on initiating the movement with your lower body while keeping your upper body slightly behind. This will help you maintain the lag angle for longer.
  • Delayed Wrist Release: Delay the release of your wrist angle until just before impact. This means keeping your wrists cocked for as long as possible during the downswing. This delay will create more lag and allow you to generate more power.
  • Strong Core: Strengthening your core muscles is essential for generating more lag. A strong core will provide stability and allow you to maintain the proper sequencing of your swing, resulting in more lag and power.
  • Speed and Tempo: Generating lag requires a smooth and controlled swing. Avoid rushing your downswing and focus on maintaining a consistent tempo. A balanced and rhythmic swing will help you maintain the lag angle throughout your swing.
  • Weight Transfer: Shift your weight correctly during the downswing. As you transition from your backswing to the downswing, ensure that your weight transfers from your back foot to your front foot. This weight transfer will help you generate more power and maintain the lag angle.
  • Practice Drills: Incorporate lag drills into your practice routine. One drill is to practice hitting shots with a towel under your lead arm. This will help you feel the sensation of maintaining lag as you strike the ball.

Remember that generating more lag in your downswing requires practice and patience. Focus on incorporating these tips into your swing gradually, and soon you'll notice an improvement in your distance and ball striking consistency. With consistent effort, you'll be able to generate more lag and unleash the full power of your swing.