How are PGA Tour events supported by hospitality and VIP experiences

PGA Tour events and Hospitality

The PGA Tour is a premier professional golf tour that attracts millions of spectators and viewers worldwide. To enhance the overall experience for attendees, PGA Tour events offer a range of hospitality and VIP experiences. These exclusive offerings provide a unique and luxurious way for golf enthusiasts to enjoy the tournaments.


PGA Tour events typically have designated hospitality areas strategically placed around the course. These areas are designed to provide an elevated experience for guests and are often sponsored by various companies. Some of the key hospitality options include:

  • Skyboxes: Skyboxes are exclusive suites located at prime locations on the course, offering excellent views of the action. These luxurious spaces come with comfortable seating, catering services, and dedicated staff to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Tents: Often referred to as corporate or sponsor tents, these large structures provide a spacious and comfortable setting for guests. Tents are typically equipped with seating, restrooms, dining areas, and televisions to ensure no one misses any of the tournament action.
  • Clubhouses: Many PGA Tour events have clubhouses that offer a clubhouse-style experience for attendees. These areas often have upscale dining options, lounges, and amenities such as locker rooms and pro shops.

VIP Experiences

In addition to hospitality areas, PGA Tour events provide various VIP experiences to enhance the overall visit. These experiences offer attendees unique opportunities, access to exclusive areas, and chances to interact with players. Some common VIP experiences include:

  • Pro-Am Events: Pro-Am events allow amateur golfers to play alongside PGA Tour professionals. These exclusive opportunities enable individuals to experience the thrill of playing on the same course as their favorite players.
  • Player Meet and Greets: At select tournaments, attendees may have the chance to meet and interact with PGA Tour players. These meet and greets often require special passes or invitations, providing a memorable experience for fans.
  • Private Lessons and Clinics: Some PGA Tour events offer private golf lessons or clinics conducted by professional golfers. These sessions provide valuable tips and techniques from the best in the game.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: VIP guests may gain exclusive access to restricted areas, such as player locker rooms, practice facilities, or media centers. This behind-the-scenes access gives attendees a unique perspective on the inner workings of the tournament.

Overall, the hospitality and VIP experiences available at PGA Tour events offer attendees luxurious and intimate ways to enjoy the tournaments. These exclusive offerings provide an enhanced golf experience, allowing guests to indulge in world-class amenities, witness incredible golfing performances up close, and create unforgettable memories.