Can club fitting help me with my distance control on long putts

In golf, Can club fitting help me with my distance control on long putts?

Club fitting is a crucial aspect of golf that is often overlooked by many golfers. While most people associate club fitting with the driver or the irons, it is equally important when it comes to the putter. The putter is one of the most used clubs in a golfer's bag, and having the right fit can tremendously improve your distance control, especially on long putts.

When it comes to long putts, distance control is key. Being able to gauge the right amount of power to hit the ball is crucial to leave yourself with a manageable next putt. A poorly fit putter can throw off your distance control, leading to inconsistent results and frustrating moments on the green.

One of the aspects of club fitting that can drastically help with distance control is the putter length. Having the correct putter length ensures that your posture is correct, and your eyes are correctly positioned over the ball. A putter that is too long or too short can affect your stance and alignment, throwing off your ability to accurately judge distance.

Additionally, the grip of the putter plays a role in distance control. A grip that is too thick or too thin can impact the feel and control you have over the putter. With a properly fitted grip, you can have a more comfortable and secure hold of the club, which in turn helps you have better control over the distance you putt the ball.

Another crucial aspect of club fitting for distance control is the putter's loft. The loft refers to the angle on the face of the putter. Having the right loft can help you strike the ball square, allowing for a consistent roll without skidding or hopping. A poorly fit putter with incorrect loft can lead to the ball bouncing off the putter face, resulting in inconsistent distance and pace.

When you opt for a club fitting session specifically for your putter, a professional will analyze your stroke mechanics, such as your tempo and angle of attack, to determine the best fit for you. They might suggest different putter head designs and weights, as these aspects also influence distance control on long putts.

In conclusion, club fitting can definitely help you improve your distance control on long putts. By ensuring that your putter length, grip, loft, and other key fitting aspects are properly tailored to your stroke mechanics, you can have more consistent and accurate distance control, leading to better performance on the greens. If you want to improve your overall golf game and lower your scores, investing in a proper club fitting for your putter is definitely worth considering.