Speed Cart V1 Sport Push Cart Review

    Get the Newest Version with the Greatest Features:
     The Speed Cart V1 Sport Push Cart offers new graphics, colors and improved features. With the E-Z Latch™ System you will find folding and unfolding the cart and adjusting the handle height so easy. Your cart also folds down with your bag attached for simple and compact storage in your trunk or anywhere. Feel secure with the adjustable smart brackets that keep your bag in place without the use of straps. The ergonomic and adjustable handle will keep the positions of your arms and shoulders in their most natural and comfortable position. The V1 Sport Cart Bag comes in the following color schemes of the standard Black, or the White – Lime, or Silver – Pink, and the Blue, or the Gunmetal Red, and also in Silver, as well as Gunmetal Orange.

    The Speed Cart V1Sport Push Cart has great features to offer the avid golfer. For those sunny days or cloudy ones that turn, you will find the Umbrella Mount will secure an open umbrella for your added convenience. There is also an Umbrella Strap to store a closed umbrella and keep it handy. For easy accessibility is the accessories tray, which includes a Bungee Scorecard Holder. Also for these hot days you will find the Drink Holder will help keep you cool and refreshed. There is also a mesh Head Cover Tray. For stress-free use the cart includes sealed precision ball bearings to ensure easy rolling and they are maintenance free. So very important is the Handle-Mounted Parking Brake, which is so convenient and simple to use. Be sure to look for all the safety features that the Speed Cart V1 Sport Push Cart offers. Get your V1 Sport Cart now at an unbelievable price now!