The WILSON STAFF PROSTAFF CART BAG is a must-have piece of golf gear, as it will help you carry everything in style and safe, in all weather conditions! The Prostaff Cart bag is built from a combo of heavy duty fabrics and it features 10 pockets, a 14 way top and quite a few patented designs, making it very easy to tow it around, in a convenient and comfortable fashion. The WILSON STAFF PROSTAFF CART BAG comes in a multitude of color-ways and contrasting styles to suite your personal taste and/or your wardrobe, all of them being embossed with the proud Wilson logo. The Prostaff Cart bag is built to last and it's as sturdy as they come, featuring a strap hook for securing it tightly on your trolley or cart, a maximized pocketing design for providing you with loads of storing space, a carry handle for easy lifting and also a glove holder, a towel ring, an umbrella holder and a detachable padded strap.

    Now that I mentioned its sturdiness, note that the WILSON STAFF PROSTAFF CART BAG is built from blend of nylon, polyester and PVC and it offers protective storage for all your golf gear, including your clubs (here comes into play the 14 way diamond top) and all your extras, thanks to the 8 closed pockets on the inside and the additional 2 open pockets, which provide just enough room for an external putter well, a cooler-insulated front pocket and a mesh front ball pocket. Basically, the WILSON STAFF PROSTAFF CART BAG has enough room to take care of everything, including the kitchen sink and what not. If you're a golfer who has a lot to cart around, this bag has your name on it.