Combo Push Cart Review

    Great Stability on the Course:
     Sun Mountain brings you the latest in their patented pending Combo, the Combo Push Cart. This cart combines a bag body with the push cart with great design of placement, weight, and motion of the clubs for better stability. The body bag can be detached from the cart for replacement if needed. This cart folds and is designed to fit into your trunk or store in the bag room as one compact unit, without the need to separate the bag from the cart. This incredible Combo Push Cart includes a built-in seat that is comfortable and secure, which also provides a spot-on sitting experience that is complete with back pad. The seat will flip up to store flat against the bag in one simple motion. The push cart always offers a 14-way top that provides greater separation with easier access and replacement of your clubs. The individual full length dividers give you better protection for you clubs too. The Combo Push Cart is available in the following color schemes of Black – Orange, White – Pink, or the professional Black, also the Black – Lime, and the Black – Red as well.

    The Sun Mountain Combo Push Cart has great features to offer the enthusiastic golfer. You will find the bag has 8 various pockets. There is a full length Apparel Pocket for a light jacket or other apparel. For your delicate or important items, there is a velour lined Valuables Pocket to keep your items safe and secure. Also for these hot days you will find the Beverage Pocket to keep you cool and refreshed. This Combo Push Cart was made with materials for easier cleaning, maintenance, and to last for years to come. Get your incredible Combo Push Cart now at a great price!