Caddytek Caddy Cruiser 900 Remote Control Golf Caddy Cart

    Control with Safety and Lightweight:
    Caddytek brings you the ultimate in technology use with the Caddy Cruiser 900 Remote Control Golf Caddy cart. The advanced two ways communication (TWC) remote control system was designed with two safety functions. The safety features included are the cart stops automatically when it is out of the remote control range, which is approximately 60 meters (70 yards) or when no remote control function button is pressed by the operator for 60 seconds. With the unique design of the trim alignment will ensure the cart is moving straight for easier mobility. Also, to change remote control frequency code from remote control transmitter was made to be effortlessly and conveniently accomplished. Change to Free Wheeling mode in seconds with the quick release main wheels. The powerful, but very quiet dual 150w motors have a maximum speed of 8 km/5 miles per hour. The Caddytek Caddy Cruiser 900 comes in the following streamline colors of Yellow, Red, or White.

    The Caddytek Caddy Cruiser 900 Remote Push Cart has great features to offer the passionate golfer. You will find the push cart with the availability features of moving Forward/Backward, or making Left/Right Turns, and a simple Speed Control, along with the Brake. Caddytek has the Micro direction adjustment for making quick directional changes safely. To monitor the power and changing for the main 12v 33AH rechargeable battery and the transmitter battery power indicator is the LED setup. This push cart is light weight at only 29.8 pounds and the incredible compact design gives you the folded Dimensions of 30″ x25″ x12″ (71×63×30 cm).Be sure to look for all the safety features that the Caddy Cruiser 900 Remote Push Cart offers. Get your Caddytek Caddy Cruiser 900 Remote Push Cart at an unbelievable price now!