Bat-Caddy X42015 Electric Golf Caddy Cart Review

    Cruise the Course with the X4:
    Bat-Caddy brings you the X4 2015 Electric Golf Caddy Cart with a creative manual controlled model, which includes a cruise control feature. This ultimate cruise control does not require battery power, so you will never be stuck out in the course with any recourse. Included is the powerful and quiet 200 Watt electric motor that will master any hill of 30+ degrees climbing ability and can reach a top speed of 5-6 mph. With the off-power Freewheeling Mode Feature you can accelerate and slowed down by just using the handle manually. However, in the off-power mode the cart is totally freewheeling. You will find the new adjustable handle design offers a smooth adjustment from 33-45″ in height for various preferences. For easier maneuvering the Large Diameter Rear Drive Wheels will move with ease and the with sleek magnesium look rims are great for better traction, easy turning, and great grip on wet inclines. The unique design of the rear wheels to have a larger diameter and concave rubber tread will alleviate vibrations and improve turning, while resistant to rough surfaces. When needed the wheels can be easily removed through a quick release for storing or cleaning?

    The Bat-Caddy X4 offers various innovative features. You will find the Score Holder a hand accessory in a convenient location. For those cloudy or sunny days you find the umbrella Holder very handy. When the heat hits during the day, there is the Beverage Holder to keep you cool and refreshed. Included is the carrying bag to keep your cart in great condition. You will find some additional accessories such as GPS holder, rain cover, or sand dispenser bottle are available separately. Get your Bat-Caddy X42015 Electric Golf Caddy Cart today at an unbelievable price!