You Can Get a Lifetime Membership for Golf BPM Music For Just $49.99

For golf tempo music aficionados, Golf BPM Music has an offer which is hard to refuse: on top of their monthly/annual subscriptions, the company now provides a lifetime membership for the price of a round of golf, $49,99 respectively. You can benefit from the best deal of your life via the Golf BPM Music app, and get full access to Golf BPM forever. Basically, it’s a win-win situation here, and in case you’re not familiar with BPM’s thing, their golf tempo music was created to help players, regardless of skill level/experience, to develop an even tempo during their game, by literally timing their swing to a collection of original percussive music.

This is like learning to golf-dance in a way, and in case you were wondering, the Golf BPM Music collection includes all genres, ranging from rock and pop to electronic and hip-hop, with each song containing verbal queues (subtly timed, no worries here), so you’ll understand perfectly where to hit your swing-mark.

You Can Get a Lifetime Membership for Golf BPM Music For Just $49.99

According to Jeremy Callahan, the co-founder of Golf BPM, but let’s quote the man himself:

“We surveyed our App customers and the one thing that kept coming up was they all wanted to be members for life versus a monthly subscription. So, in addition to subscriptions, golfers can now buy lifetime accounts. We created a special website for new users to get the offer or they can be purchased within the App”.

The cross platform App from Golf BPM is available in both Google Play and iTunes as a free download, and it comes with a seven days trial on the company’s annual/monthly subscription; on top of that, you can now purchase it as a lifetime membership for a limited amount of time only, so go get yours while it lasts.