Hybrids Explained

    Tour Edge Hot Launch Hybrid Review

    This hybrid’s name really says it all. If you’re an aspiring golfer and you’re looking for an easy to hit and forgiving club for joining you on the golf course, the Hot Launch Hybrid by Tour Edge might be the perfect companion.

    The club is made from 450 SS hyper steel and features a fresh and youthful design that will look appealing to those of you who don’t necessarily go for traditional looks in golf gear.

    The hybrid’s forged face features Variable Face Thickness technology, having multiple thickness levels that enlarge the sweet spot, and also has a shallow design for offering a hot, powerful launch when you hit the ball.

    The club’s stability is provided by the internal weighting from the toe, heel and rear sole, which offer a deep and low CG (center of gravity), minimizing the turf drag and making your game easier regardless of the conditions. Mixed together, the low CG and the VFT deliver an increased forgiveness and an enhanced ball flight at launch, even if your strikes aren’t perfect. Besides offering power and forgiveness, the Hybrid also delivers accuracy along the way, enabling your shots to be launched straight and high, just like they should. The Hot Launch Hybrid is listed under $99 on the Tour Edge main page, which is a more than reasonable price to pay for such a good quality product.