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    Wilson Staff D200 Hybrid Golf Club Review

    Consistency meets simplicity in the Wilson Staff D200 Hybrid golf club which has a retail price of just $170. A small price, believe me, for the performance and versatility levels this Hybrid has to offer its owner. Designed with simplicity in mind, this club accomplishes the goal of making lower approaches a child’s game, without sacrificing looks and overall performance in the process. Design wise, the Wilson Staff D200 has a clean, basic look. Wilson implemented in this baby a feature called progressive head design (their lingo) which means the stronger the loft, the bigger the face curvature and head size. The enhanced head size is meant to offer more forgiveness to the player while the face curvature amplifies the gear effect if you shot the ball across the face of the club.

    In terms of sound at impact, the Wilson Staff D200 feels solid and stable(matched in the overall feel at impact), which came as a nice surprise to me The club feels strong, VERY forgiving especially when it comes to off center shots and responsive. In terms of playability, the Wilson Staff D200 will bail you out of any scenario, being a rare bird (read game improving golf club) that allows you to maneuver your shots from any direction fairly easy. This club gives the ball a natural, low trajectory which holds steady/straight through the air. In terms of consistency, this is what I call a straight shooter, providing you with consistent performance and decent distances. An outstanding characteristic of the Wilson Staff D200 is that it feels incredibly meaty for a superlight golf club. The feedback is excellent, way above its direct competitors while the impact feels crisp, clean and communicative. Looks can be a deal breaker in any kind of situation, but I must say that this is an understated, highly attractive traditional golf club. This baby inspires confidence from all angles and it doesn’t draw attention, thanks to its neutral black finish of the shaft which looks sober and elegant. Bottom line, the Wilson Staff D200 is the meat and potatoes of golf hybrids, a dependable golf club which has a little bit from everything, feeling like a natural extension of your body.