Hybrids Explained

    Tour Edge Exotics XRail Hybrid Review

    The Exotics XRail Hybrid from Tour Edge was designed with stability, speed and forgiveness in mind. If you’re the kind of player who just wants to hit straight and far, this fellow might just provide you with a proper and delightful experience on the golf course.

    The hybrid’s sole holds one wide inner-rail and two outer rails for enabling you to hit a flawless shot from any lie. The outer rails hold 15% more weight, therefore generate a high MOI (moment of inertia) that offers an improved stability over off center shots and also more forgiveness. Consistency is delivered in the same package too.

    The variable face thickness technology is also incorporated into the XRail Hybrid and consists in offering multiple thickness levels for maximizing the spring effect from more points on the face.

    The club’s center rail has a diamond shape and has been designed this way for leading the face square towards the ball at impact. The V-Sole design minimizes dragging and enables your shots to rise and go on their way easier and quicker.

    The hybrid features a premium design that lets you know you’re dealing with a high-quality product, consisting in a mixture between a hyper steel body and a Carpenter steel face.
    Besides being a capable, accurate and forgiving club, the XRail Hybrid is also a good value for money and retails at the reasonable and affordable price of $129.