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    Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta Hybrid Review

    The Tour Edge XCG7 Beta Hybrid from the Exotics series is a stable club that offers accuracy, forgiveness and control without sacrificing the distance that we all long for. Let’s see what’s cooking inside its package of features, especially when it comes to technology, which plays a very important role for delivering everything that I’ve mentioned earlier.

    The XCG7 Beta Hybrid is a stealthy fella when it comes to its appearance, having a black matte finish on its light, 6-gram beta titanium crown, which makes it look sober, suggesting (to aficionado) that it means serious business. The crown enables the placing of additional weights on it, offering you fine tuning for the ball trajectory and loads of versatility in the process.

    For maximizing distance, the Power Grid concept has been introduced and consists in the addition of several slots behind the sweet spot, allowing the face to flex, increasing the spring-effect.
    For enhancing the stability on off-center hits and for increasing the MOI (moment of inertia), four hexahedron sole weight pads are placed in the heel and toe. Tour Edge makes a promising statement by claiming that this series features their “most forgiving design” so far. In order to deliver that, a dual-step cavity helps with removing the weight from the rear center and enables the weight from the heel and toe to maximize the club’s forgiveness.

    Another significant feature that finds its place here is the Variable face thickness technology and consists in multiple thickness levels which enhance the spring effect from more points on the face.
    The XCG7 Beta Hybrid is retailed for $199 and makes for a fine addition in any golfer’s paraphernalia.