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    Tour Edge Bazooka Max-D45 Hybrid Review

    If you’re interested in buying a capable, consistent and decently priced Hybrid for accompanying you on the green, look no further than the Bazooka Max-D45 Hybrid from Tour Edge Golf. This club has been engineered for offering a great experience through its power, forgiveness, speed and accuracy; if these abilities are the key features that you’re seeking for in a golf Hybrid, keep reading and find out, in detail, how is this fellow able to offer each and every one of them.

    The Bazooka Max-D45 has been designed for offering power and speed through a sloped and aerodynamic crown that decreases dragging and enhances air flow. The club’s powerful rebound is delivered by its durable 17-4 stainless steel body among with the Variable Face Thickness Technology incorporated in the head. The VFT plays a main role in enlarging the sweet spot, which leads to an enhanced power offered by the entire area of the face and a much improved distance.

    For offering stability and also distance, the hybrid holds two weight cavities inside its heel and toe, which serve for lowering the CG (center of gravity) and moving it deeper in the head. This way, the MOI (moment of inertia) is heightened, thus providing the club with a great deal of forgiveness.
    The D45 Hybrid sports a white finish, which also plays an important role, creating a contrast between the ground and the club’s leading edge. This improves accuracy, as you’ll be having a better view over the point of contact and the ball, thus increasing the chances of hitting the sweet spot.

    The Bazooka Max-D45 is retailed at $79, which is very reasonable price to pay for such a high-quality product, being that kind of “best bang for the buck” deal.