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    Tour Edge Exotics CB PRO U Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Tour Edge Exotics CB PRO U hybrid comes with a highly-improbable and complicated name, isn’t it? I mean, it’s pretty hard for a total newbie to get the name right, why in the world would you buy them in the first place? Well, don’t worry, that’s why we are here. The Edge Exotics CB PRO U is actually a limited edition and, just like the rest of the bunch in Tour Edge’s portfolio, it features a proprietary technology named Slip Stream sole. This fancy name refers to the sole design, which is built to provide you (among other things) with higher ball speed and total control over the trajectory. The club achieves this goal by minimizing the ball’s contact with the turf, regardless of the position of the club’s head at impact and even the attack angle.

    Sounds impressive, right? Also, to promote further the minimal turf interaction, the Edge Exotics CB PRO U comes with new toe and heel cutouts. The club has a forged cup face and a hyper steel body, these unique features giving the Edge Exotics CB PRO U unparalleled levels of playability and versatility from all conditions. The theory behind this futuristic design/idea, I mean the Slip Stream sole, is to dramatically cut on the turf interaction thing, and in the process to provide the player with better control of the ball’s speed and trajectory and also with improved distance. The Edge Exotics CB PRO U works in tandem with a Kuro Kage Silver series shaft (second gen) which improves the club’s capabilities, especially in terms of consistency and better feel. Being a limited edition golf club, a total of 1500 of the Edge Exotics CB PRO U will be sold and since they hit retail two weeks ago on June 1st, you should get them while you can. The retail price is $249.99.