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    Titleist 915H Hybrid Golf Club Review
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    The 915H Hybrid from Titleist is a great looking and high-performing hybrid that combines a traditional appearance with a rich package of features. If you’re a newbie, you probably won’t appreciate this baby as much as it deserves, but if golfing isn’t something new to you, my guess is that you’ll feel right at home when taking it on a ride on the golf course.

    If traditional designs are your cup of tea, you’ll surely fall in love with the 915H hybrid due to its classic and sleek look. Its pear-shaped crown is black and has a glossy metallic surface that looks better than a lot of its more funny-colored competitors. This club means serious business and has no problems with showing it.

    As expected, besides good looks, the hybrid also incorporates technology and comes with ARC in the sole, which stands for Active Recoil Channel and enables the hybrid to provide a lower spin and a higher ball speed, controlling the trajectory and increasing the distance. The slot will deliver what’s advertised, but only in the case of experienced players; if you’re an occasional golfer, this might not be what you’re needing right now on the course.
    The club’s stability and forgiveness are increased through the high MOI (moment of inertia) and CG (center of gravity), which has been placed low, on the back and helps with increasing the launch angles.
    The 915H hybrid also features Titleist’s Sure-Fit Tour adjustable hosel, a system which offers the possibility of mixing adjustments into 16 different combinations. You can choose between four different Mitsubishi Diamana shafts or the Aldila Rogue.

    In conclusion, if you’re an advanced golfer and you’re seeking for the perfect package of consistency, responsiveness, performance and elegance, the Titleist 915H Hybrid will be happy to serve you on the golf course. The Titleist 915H Hybrid retails at $269 and that’s not much for what this baby is capable of, provided it’s in capable hands.