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Titleist 818 H1/H2 Hybrids Review
©Titleist Golf

The Titleist 818 H1/H2 Hybrids retail for $315 (MSRP) and they make for a significant improvement over the previous generation (816), especially due to their adjustable weighting feature, that adds to the already adjustable hosel, and I am talking about the company’s proprietary SureFit CG technology, that’s also available in their drivers and fairway woods. At address, both Titleist 818 H1 and H2 Hybrids boast a gray crown, but the similarities stop here. The differences between the two begin with their size. The Titleist 818 H1 is one of the largest hybrids on the market, and its size is further enhanced by its symmetrical round-shape. The Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid has a noticeable pear shape to please better players, and it’s smaller from front to back. Another important difference is the shape of the face, whereas in the H1 is a bit shorter and rounded in the toe, whilst H2’s face is taller featuring a square toe.

Both look arguably better than the previous generation and they also sound different, having a louder and metallic sound at impact, almost fairway-wood like, a feature that makes these babies feel long and hot. Performance wise, the Titleist 818 H1/H2 Hybrids perform very well due to the SureFit CG, which has a dramatic impact on ball flight. Also, the larger Active Recoil Channel is now filled with an elastomer and it’s designed to enhance forgiveness and to boost ball speed. The Titleist 818 H1 is fairly forgiving and high launching, boasting a driver-like smash factor if hit properly, while the H2 has a lower launch and dialed down forgiveness compared to the H1, but it will definitely please better players, due to its neutral center of gravity and its ability to control trajectory.