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    Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid Review
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    The Titleist 816 H2 is a compact hybrid that retails for $269/club (MSRP) and it's focused at delivering long game performance via superior technology. The H2 is akin to the H1 hybrid and it represents the lower spinning version of the bunch. The Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid features a smaller and more compact head than the H1 with less offset in the hosel, being aimed at faster swinging golfers, especially those who use their hybrids in an iron style. As you work it out how to get your ball up in the air, you'll notice that the Titleist 816 H2 Hybrid provides you with total control over the ball flight, if hit correctly.

    Also, this hybrid feels and looks great, being the more versatile model, offering great distance control and a lovely feel and sound. The technologies incorporated into its built are adding to ball speed and low spin for increased distance. The Ultra Thin Face technology works together with the revamped Active Recoil Channel for generating low spin and high speed for longer distance, together with a redesigned crown which boosts confidence at address. I must confess that the H2 will mostly appeal to better players, as those folks desire a more traditional/pear profile appearance. Bottom line, the H2 is one of the best hybrids out there, offering 5 stock shaft options, covering a wide range of weights; also it's fairly low launching, with decent forgiveness, and last but not least, it comes with SureFit adjustability, offering great fitting options for covering all your bases!