Hybrids Explained

    Thomas Golf AT725 Square Hybrids Golf Club Review

    The AT725 comes with a cool feature which is actually found in all Thomas Golf line of golf clubs, i.e. their proprietary/patented Shot Accuracy Technology. Along with this really helpful technology (it’s not a marketing hook, it actually does something, back to that in a moment) the Thomas Golf AT725 Square is pretty far away from being a “square’s” golf club. I’m telling you this because the AT725 has an unusual shape but don’t worry about looks: this peculiar design is guaranteed to provide you with sweet results, and you can take that to the bank. Now, let’s get back to the Shot Accuracy Technology business, shall we? One of the most important features in any golf club is to assure you with a precise aim. The aforementioned technology does exactly that, as it features an alignment indicator on the top of the golf club, guaranteeing that you’re actually aimed correctly toward your desired target. This feature works great for boosting confidence, as you can imagine for yourself. The unusual design consists in a square clubhead, a feature that’s practically extinct in Hybrid golf clubs nowadays. But this rather unusual shape assures you that you’ll benefit from an outstandingly high MOI (moment of inertia). This translates into sweet things for your gameplay, like accuracy and stability at the max.

    The corners in the Thomas Golf AT725 Square clubhead are perfectly rounded (pleasing to the eye) and they work in tandem with the alignment indicator located on the crown for optimum results. This club will deliver you with solid hits feedback and sound and it feels very stable and powerful, having an excellent carry distance and good height, without excess spin for the ball or ballooning. Playability and forgiveness in the Thomas Golf AT725 Square are similar to other hybrids, meaning that you won’t be severely punished if you miss a few shots. Finally, square headed golf clubs are definitely not anyone’s cup of tea, but the Thomas Golf AT725 Square is one of those hybrids worth exploring, regardless. As a final observation, the AT725 Square is on sale, retailing for $92(regular price being twice that) and it comes with a head cover and shaft made from graphite or stainless steel.