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Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids Review

The Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids retail for $109 each and they feature the company’s patented shot alignment system, for delivering pin point accuracy round after round and straighter shots via gear effect. The Thomas Golf AT705 are incredibly forgiving from heel to toe, just like any hybrid worthy of its salt should be, and due to their unique flat top, they will provide you with better direction compared to other clubs on the market today. If you take these babies on the golf course, you’ll first notice Thomas Golf’s patented shot alignment technology, which is designed to dramatically improve accuracy using a clever alignment system on the top of the club’s head. The head itself is relatively large, which is normal for a game improvement hybrid, featuring a hybrid design; all these elements confer the Thomas Golf AT705 all the qualities one would seek in a game improvement hybrid: they’re pin point accurate, easy to get airborne, easy to hit and they’re boosting confidence, due to their smart alignment system.

Some golfers will appreciate the fact that the Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids are very much like fairway woods in some regards, while traditionalist will be deterred by this “character trait”. But all golfers will appreciate how forgiving, long and easy to hit these hybrids really are. But maybe the best thing about the Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids is that they offer quality and performance at a very affordable price, and if you’re a golfer having issues with alignment looking for a single hybrid or a full set to mitigate the problem, these babies should rank high on your shopping list, as they offer lots of bang for the buck, i.e. both playability and value for your money.