Hybrids Explained

    Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids Golf Club Review

    The Thomas Golf AT705 Hybrids golf club is currently on sale for $92/each (regular price is over $150) and the first thing you’ll notice about this baby is that it looks awesome. It feels almost like these clubs are built to please the eye of the “beholder”, sort of speak, especially if you’re an old school type of person who appreciates a classic shape (the club head that is). The Thomas Golf AT705 club comes in a pear shaped/rounded head and a no-nonsense, almost minimal offset. I can tell you that the AT705 looks very much like a traditional fairway wood and that’s a nice touch from Thomas Golf, I must confess. Looks aside, what perplexed me about the Thomas Golf AT705 is its clubhead design, which is completely flat at the top. This interesting feature i.e. the level crown is built in this way to help the alignment indicator, contributing decisively in terms of boosting confidence, and that’s a great thing to have in any Hybrid. Knowing that your clubface is pointing straight at the target is pretty hard to quantify in terms of satisfaction/confidence, all I know is that I want to have this feature on any club in my “arsenal”.

    The shaft is made from stiff flex graphite or steel, very lightweight indeed (especially the graphite version) and the swing feels smooth and supple. In terms of flush contact, the Thomas Golf AT705 sounds relatively pleasant and you can actually feel/hear the moderate misses (a completely normal feature in a high quality club). When it comes to ball in flight, the AT705 delivers high trajectory shots and smooth landings, both off the fairway and from a tee; this is a common feature/advantage of hybrids over long irons and this baby excels at it. Unless your strikes are very poor, the Thomas Golf AT705 comes with loads of forgiveness and playability and it makes for a solid choice if you’re that kind of player who enjoys a classic styling and wants a versatile golf club which plays great in any situation.