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    TaylorMade R15 Black TP Rescue Golf Club Review
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    The R15 Black TP Rescue is aimed strictly at better players, that’s the company’s motto. And along with experienced/pro golfers, everyone who hits with it can enjoy its supreme engineering even if it doesn’t take full advantage from it. Featuring a tour inspired shape and a smaller footprint which enables greater playability, the R15 Black TP Rescue is standardized to promote a neutral ball flight and features the already known and acclaimed three degrees loft sleeve adjustability, like its sibling in the R15 range, thus providing you with fine-tuning for striking the ball at different distances and from different postures. The R15 Black TP Rescue is built using the latest TM Lamkin Performance Grip for perfect handling and with the state of the art Fujikura Speeder 77 Evolution shaft. If you’re not into Fujikura or TM Lamkin, don’t worry, because the R15 can be customized using various aftermarket shafts and grips. If you take a look at the club’s face, you’ll definitely notice Adam’s signature in that square high toe and slightly flatter sole; however the R15 comes with a more rounded head than Adam’s hybrid and a bigger front to back, making it a hybrid rescue club which is basically the best of both worlds: the forgiveness offered by the face designed by Adams mixed with a tad larger head.

    If you take this baby for a spin on the golf course, you’ll see that the R15 is aimed at better players mostly, being the real deal if you’re a pro golfer. The smaller head in this club is designed to offer the player loads of feedback and the adjustable hosel gives you the possibility to change the loft by plus/minus 1.5 degrees, translating into a subtle effect over the ball’s speed and trajectory. Basically, the TaylorMade R15 Black TP Rescue can be regarded as a “greatest hits” of Adams hybrid mixed with TaylorMade “best of Rescues”, the end result being a more forgiving (Adams) club. Bottom line, the R15 Black TP Rescue is one of the best golf clubs on the market today, offering a mélange of adjustability, forgiveness and playability for experienced golfers. I almost forgot, the club retails for $289,99.