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Srixon Z H65 Golf Hybrid Review
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The Srixon Z H65 golf hybrid retails for $229,99 and it benefits from the company’s most advanced technologies and innovations for delivering the best performance possible via the Ripple Effect feature. Basically, with the Srixon Z H65 you’ll achieve maximum distance, a more forgiving launch and a higher ball trajectory than ever before. It’s also worth mentioning that the Srixon Z H65 is aimed at better players and it’s fairly easy to use in basically any setting. The larger club head improves forgiveness and thus you’ll be able to make the most out of your game as you’ll be able to handle a wide variety of shots. Speaking of forgiveness, the better-player aimed Srixon Z H65 is actually comparable to game improvement models, making mishits a thing of the past.

And, unlike many other hybrids, the Srixon Z H65 will not hook on you.In terms of distance, this baby is incredibly consistent, meaning that it will do exactly what you’d expect, shot after shot, delivering predictable carry all day long on the golf course, being a jack of all trades so to speak, i.e. exactly what a high performance hybrid is supposed to be. As per feel, the Srixon Z H65 is the rock of Gibraltar, being supremely stable through the turf, delivering a metallic/firm feedback upon ball impact. The design is gorgeous in my view, simple and minimalist, looking absolutely great at address, not overbearing nor bulky, being truly confidence inspiring and making you wish to swing it like an iron sometimes. Bottom line, if you’re a low/mid handicapper seeking a no-nonsense sharp hybrid, the Srixon Z H65 is an excellent choice.