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    Srixon Z U65 Golf Utility Club Review
    © Srixon Golf

    The Srixon Z U65 golf utility club retails for $199,99 (MSRP) and it can be defined as the company’s best iron performance taken to absolute perfection. The Srixon Z U65 features a slim profile and a hollow built, making for the ultimate piece of golf gear in terms of versatility, delivering unparalleled levels of control and distance both on approach shots and off the tee. Long story short, the Srixon Z U65 utility club is an excellent iron replacement aimed at better players. The utility clubs are built and designed as the missing link between the longest irons and the drivers and the Srixon Z U65 is the perfect replacement for long irons and it can also bridge the gap to the driver. In the design department, the company did a great job, as the Srixon Z U65 is one of the best looking utility clubs on the market today, making it an easy choice for better players.

    If you hit it on the sweet spot, this baby feels terrific, just as good as forged irons actually, solid and soft. On mishits, the Srixon Z U65 will let you know though, as the feel becomes quite firm and the sound louder. This type of crystal clear feedback is precisely what a better player would expect from his club and again, Srixon did a great job in this department. As an utility club, the Srixon Z U65 is easier to elevate than your daily iron, but it doesn’t compromise with the shot shape nor with the control of the trajectory. Whilst this baby is more forgiving compared to irons, it’s not as forgiving as a hybrid, providing longer carry, higher launching and softer landings. To sum it up, the Srixon Z U65 is not quite a long iron replacement which appeals to the masses, but if you’re a better player trying to get the most of your game, this is one of the best on the market today, without a doubt. It looks stunning, it feels great if you hit it pure and if you’re a low handicapper you’ll be able to achieve full control over your long game playing this baby.