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    Srixon Z H45 Hybrid Golf Club Review

    With the Srixon Z H45 Hybrid, the company is marking its come back to the North American market and delivers a truly remarkable golf club. What’s so remarkable about Srixon Z H45 you may ask? Well, this is a carefully, beautifully designed and forgiving golf club that will conquer the hearts and minds of all sorts of golf players, professionals or enthusiasts alike. Until now, the Srixon/Cleveland brand was available only for the Japanese market but recently (and fortunately), it became available again to the American golf community and you should profit from this while it lasts. In terms of looks, the Srixon Z H45 features a glossy black crown design along with a silver face, a neutral/even dull club face and a thin pear shape.

    To put it in simple terms, the design is classic and non-threatening, comfy and it inspires confidence. In terms of sound and feel at ball impact, the Srixon Z H45 sounds springy and satisfying, without drawing too much attention at the “shooter”. Srixon built the club using their proprietary technology, namely a maraging steel cup face, which translates into loads of forgiveness, thanks to its variable thickness in the face of the club and higher/faster ball speeds/trajectories. This club is surprisingly responsive and extremely forgiving across an entire specter of shots from every imaginable position and the sound it makes matches nicely with the general feedback of the Hybrid. The Srixon Z H45 comes equipped with a Kuro Kage shaft and it has a lower center of gravity for achieving a higher trajectory and a penetrating launch for the ball. One of the club’s strong selling points is that it makes it fairly easy for the player to control the ball flight/trajectory by giving him the ability to modify his shots, i.e. if you require lowering your flight, it’s done without drama and zero fuss. Bottom line, the Srixon Z H45 will appeal to a wide range of golf players, regardless their skill level and it will reward his owner with lots of fun, making the game more enjoyable than ever!