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PXG 0317 Hybrids Review
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The PXG 0317 Hybrids are pretty similar to the 0341 fairway woods, and they boast the company’s proprietary Precision Weighting System, which features 7 interchangeable weights, strategically placed on the sole to allow golfers to achieve maximum distance and accuracy by optimizing the ball’s trajectory. Truth be told, the PXG 0317 are some of the best hybrids ever made, laser accurate and easy to hit, with the only downside being their hefty price tag, i.e. they cost as much as a driver basically. At address, the PXG 0317 hybrids have a clean, simple and sharp look, in an all-black colorway, sans alignment aids, and a relatively toe-heavy shape.

Size-wise, the 0317 is average, in order to appeal to a broad range of golfers, while the visible 7 weight-screws on the sole let you know instantly you’re looking at a PXG product. Just like the PXG 0811 driver, the PXG 0317 fairway woods have an awesome sweet spot, feeling as solid as irons and delivering a firm click at impact, especially when it comes to shots struck pure. When it comes to performance, these babies perform in the way a top-notch hybrid should do, i.e. they deliver consistent distance shot after shot, inconsistent swings included, and launch the ball higher/farther compared to an iron, while hitting the ball straight as an arrow. Even on mishits, you don’t get much of a curve, and that’s remarkable. Despite the huge number of fine tuning options of the PXG 0317, there are only three “real” settings for these hybrids: draw, fade and neutral. Now, if you think a hybrid is worth the money PXG is asking for the 0317, rest assured, as these hybrids do perform brilliantly, being long and easy to hit, thus being very easy to recommend.