Hybrids Explained

    Ping 25 Hybrid Review
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    The Ping 25 Hyrid Clubs are designed basically for improving your game, and that doesn’t mean that your game “stinks to high heaven”, not by a long shot. Truth be told, every self-conscious golf player sometimes feels that his/hers game is not exactly where it should be. So, if I tell you that the Ping 25 hybrids fit under the denomination of “game improvement” golf club, you don’t have to feel awkward, they’re actually pretty good and they do their job in an elegant manner i.e. to help you make the most of your game, that is. I may sound cryptic, but stick with me and I’ll tell you what the Ping 25 is all about. There are 2 flavors of the Ping 25 Golf Club: a steel and a graphite shafted.

    They both feature support bars which are aimed to stabilize the face of the hybrid and to offer you awesome feedback/impact feel. You’ll also benefit from an offset shift CG placement and progressive sole widths throughout the set. These very technical specs can be translated, in layman’s terms, into playability, accuracy, forgiveness, feel and an awesome look. Using the Ping 25 hybrid clubs, you can expect high trajectory shots and you’ll be able to get them real straight; it will be a child’s play if you’re at least a medium skilled golfer to get the ball up in the air from basically any position, even if you choose longer clubs. If your aim is true and your swing potent enough, you’ll absolutely hit the target with the Ping 25 hybrids, there’s no other way to put it. There’s almost no unwanted sidespin, you’ll hit the ball straight all day long. Another great feature of these clubs is the distance control i.e. they offer accurate predictions when it comes to yardages across the turf. The “hybrids” are light yet highly stable during your swings and especially at impact, where it counts the most. They offer sufficient feedback, on a “need to know” basis. Even the design of the Ping 25 is very classy, in a gray finish which pleases the eye yet doesn’t distract you from your game. Bottom line, If you want a forgiving and reliable golf club, the Ping 25 hybrids has it where it counts: they’re built for basically everyone, regardless your skill level, combining tons of forgiveness with great looks, awesome feedback/feel and flight.