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Ping Crossover Club Review
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The Ping Crossover Club is nothing short of revolutionary, as Ping basically created a new category in golf-gear, the Crossover that is. Long story short, the Ping Crossover Club is the designed and engineered to combine the workability, precision and control, i.e. the specific characteristics of an iron, with the forgiveness and the speed of a hybrid. So, the Ping Crossover Club can be described as the best of both worlds, and it gets even better: you get two clubs for the price of one: an iron and a hybrid. As good as it gets, right? But the question is: did Ping really delivered with the Crossover club? Well, the straight-forward answer is yes, they really made the miracle happen. Because the Ping Crossover Club is nothing short of a miracle. But don't forget one thing: the Ping Crossover Club it's not a driving iron, not even close.

To describe it in a few words, the Ping Crossover Club is way more forgiving than a standard iron, it's incredibly versatile (the hybrid characteristics come into play in this regard) and higher launching. The next question is, how did Ping do it? Well, the R&D team worked overtime in creating the Crossover club, and they put inside this baby an innovative cascading internal sole (to quote the marketing department itself) which somehow manages to engage the entire face of the club, the top rail and the sole, in flexing upon ball impact, thus maximizing distance. So, to sum it up, the new Ping Crossover Club was created to offer the spun and the penetrating flight of a long iron, together with the distance and ball speed of a hybrid, in just one package. In conclusion, if you're seeking for a hugely versatile and amazingly forgiving option off the tee and fairway, which is the missing link between your fairway wood and your long iron, the Ping Crossover Club is definitely the answer to your query.