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    Nike Vapor Speed Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Nike Vapor Speed is a peculiar (large) golf club which looks more like a mini-wood yet falls into the category of “game improving” Hybrid. It sounds a bit dazzling, but really, what you need to know about the Vapor Speed is that due to its generous size, it will help you a lot when it comes to getting the ball up without effort. The Nike Vapor Speed achieves that partially through its dimensions but also due to the fact that it has a center of gravity placed further back than its Flex sister. The most important thing that you need to know is that the Vapor Speed manages to be very “playable”, i.e. very light to swing around and gives the ball a mid to high trajectory with zero ballooning. The sound at impact is also very pleasing to my ears, even if it somehow misses the “wow” factor. This baby feels great in hand, thanks to its Winn grip and Nike used a wrap style which gives you a soft feel for improved ergonomics.

    To further increase ball speeds, Nike engineered a compression channel behind the club’s face and I must say that the Speed does its job with flying colors. I mean, the Vapor Speed is really fast and fairly easy to swing around, following Nike’s old saying, i.e. just do it and don’t overthink it. Using this golf club will allow you to put the ball exactly where you want it to be; the Vapor Speed offers solid distance, great accuracy and it feels light in your hands yet very fast through the ball. In terms of looks, Nike did an “old school” job on the Vapor Speed, when compared to other modern-looking hybrids, with the somewhat dubious and tech heavy neon color scheme that will definitely attract some attention. Having a price tag of $180, this is a must-have sweet swinging Hybrid, fairly easy to use and which works pretty good from turf to tee.