Hybrids Explained

    Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid falls into the “better player” category and retails for $199. There’s an old saying, “Japan, Ichi Ban”, and it means literally Japan Number One. I don’t know if this is the best Hybrid golf club in the world, but believe me, it’s pretty damn’ good! At a first glance, the Mizuno JPX 850 comes with a beautifully rounded head style that inspires class and elegance, being well balanced and its generous if not ample head size inspires confidence. The crown is engineered in such way that it incorporates a Waffle Crown made from lattice, which helps with weight reduction of the sole while keeping the top of the head strong as oak.

    The weight reduction also contributes to the sole’s CG (center of gravity) which is relatively low and this feature works miracles in terms of increasing the ball speed when you’re hitting low strikes on the face. The Shockwave Sole technology makes the face of the Mizuno JPX-850 to be relatively soft to touch but in the same time flexible (which is important) and also very firm, due to the head made of steel. The head flexibility thingy is what gives the JPX-850 loads of forgiveness and the phenomenal ball speed capability. All these state of the art technologies feel sensational on the golf course, as they work together for providing you with fantastic feedback and a meaty, solid sound at ball impact. The Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid comes with a fixed hozel but despite the lack of adjustability, you won’t need it, this golf club is so perfectly balanced and it plays so well, it’s almost perfect. I can honestly tell you that I had loads of fun hitting the ball with the Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid, being among the best Hybrid golf clubs I tested recently. I can definitely recognize a great golf club after a few strikes and I recommend this baby to any golfer looking for an all-rounder club which comes with a standout color scheme.