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    Nike Vapor Flex Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Nike Vapor Flex Hybrid retails for ~$230 and falls into the category of better-player hybrids. This model comes equipped with an interesting feature, namely an adjustable hosel thingy; the technology is named FlexLoft 2 and it’s aimed at helping you fine-tune your club for achieving the optimum level of performance during your game. You’ll be able to get the hosel tuned for face angle/loft with the end result being an optimized carry distance and shot shape, making the Vapor Flex a highly versatile “weapon” in any golfer’s arsenal. Another advantage of the FlexLoft 2 is that’s thirty percent lighter than the previous generation, thus making for a balanced golf club with a better mass distribution and adding more stability at impact. For increasing ball speed across a larger zone of the clubface, Nike re-designed the compression channel, made the leading edges straighter, while the club has a lower center of gravity.

    All these features put together result in a golf club which offers versatility, speed and forgiveness. I must emphasize the versatility thingy, because playing with the Vapor Flex I felt that I have total control of the shot shape and also the ball trajectory. The newly designed (slightly) deeper head plays a significant role in managing difficult shots out of the rough, I must tell you that. Also, this is a fairly easy golf club to play with, featuring acceptable directional forgiveness and helping you produce pretty cool launches on thin hits. In terms of feedback, the Vapor Flex is very powerful yet silky smooth, with a soft and firm impact due to its relatively heavy head. In terms of looks, the new Flex is more serious, it means business and it doesn’t try to impress. Bottom line, if you want a consistent golf Hybrid which looks attractive and it’s priced correctly to add flexibility to your game, the Nike Vapor Flex hybrid comes highly recommended.