Hybrids Explained

    Cobra Max Hybrid Review

    The Cobra Max Hybrid retails for $179,99 (MSRP) and it's engineered for delivering an easy/straight ball flight, together with a high-launch trajectory. Taking into account the Cobra Max Hybrid's offset hosel design, I must conclude that it was created for golfers looking to reduce slices and to achieve straighter shots whether in the rough or fairway , i.e. for the higher handicap players, being the definition of a super game-improvement piece of golf gear. Basically, the Cobra Max Hybrid was designed to make the game easier, via its increased launch angles, forgiveness and distance from any type of lie, shot after shot, round after round. Because that's what super game improvement hybrids are all about, right?

    In order to achieve these great characteristics, the Cobra Max Hybrid comes with the proprietary Speed Channel Face, which can be best described as a specially designed trench which surrounds the face, in order to help with minimizing its thickness, thus to promote improved ball speeds all across the face, for unparalleled forgiveness and distance. The offset hosel design will definitely help you with squaring the club-face upon ball impact, dramatically reducing slices, together with promoting a straighter, higher and more draw biased ball trajectory. The Zone Weighting technology repositions the weight back and low in the head, delivering a deep COG (center of gravity), resulting in exceptional forgiveness, especially when it comes to off center hits, and extreme distance, regardless where you hit the ball on the face.