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Cobra King F8/F8 One Length Hybrid Review
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The brand new Cobra King F8 and the F8 One Length Hybrids retail for $199 (MSRP) and they're built and designed to deliver maximum playability from all lies, due to their more-forgiving-than-ever and faster Baffler Rails. The difference between the King F8 hybrid and the F8 One Length is that the latter was engineered to deliver more consistency together with simplicity, having the length of a 7-iron , which is rather an eccentric idea. The Cobra King F8 hybrid is very versatile indeed, and also forgiving on off center hits, while the One Length is a tad more difficult to control. Both hybrids benefit from the updated and improved Baffler rails which are also found on fairways, i.e. the rails were moved closer together, a clever trick which made them more effective. Also, the center of gravity's position was modified, to improve feel, stability and distance.

The King F8 hybrid's grey colorway matches the other clubs in the range, while the One Length boasts a more traditional and sober black color scheme. Both hybrids look very good at address and inviting to hit, having a nice shape and size. You'll definitely notice the 360 Aero polymer trips on the front of the crown and if you're accustomed with transitioning from long iron to hybrid, the King F8 One Length would suit you like a glove, adding the benefits of a hybrid over a regular iron, i.e. general ease of striking and forgiveness. The standard Cobra F8 hybrid is also impressive, providing good distance and providing excellent launch and forgiveness, while reducing drag through the swing due to the polymer ridges on the crown, which also save weight. However, the signature technology in these hybrids is the Baffler rails along the sole, which work wonders in keeping the club on track through impact. Bottom line, regardless of your choice between the two, you'll end up owning one of the best looking, performing and sounding hybrids on the market.