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    Cobra King F6 Hybrid Review

    The Cobra King F6 Hybrid can be described as the ultimate rescue club, as solid and consistent as they come, which marks Cobra's newly elevated standards when it comes to golf gear. The Cobra King F6 Hybrid retails for $199 (MSRP) and it's the most forgiving and longest hybrid in the company's portfolio, promoting optimized spin and launch via its comprehensive adjustability options, and it's also the only high end hybrid available in Cobra's catalog in the current season. In terms of design, the Cobra King F6 Hybrid comes with a full-round pear-like shape and a medium foot print,by no mean bulbous and definitely not surprising. There are tiny aesthetic differences between the previous generation which are obvious especially on the sole, where you'll notice at a closer inspection the black-bright orange fixed weight, and also the dot pattern texture on the edge of the crown. Cobra decided to offer the King F6 hybrid in just one colorway, i.e. a black finish, but that's hardly a problem in my book.

    It must be noted that the previous generations were available in bright colors, like blue, red or orange. Unlike the previous generations, which sounded like a small metal wood, with a springy metallic tone and a trampoline like feel, the new Cobra King F6 Hybrid comes with a totally different feel, as in more solid, and also a more solid (thwack like) sound. Some players will prefer the more solid and responsive feeling and sound of the new Cobra King F6 Hybrid, others will enjoy the trampoline like vibe in the previous generation, here it's a matter of (acquired) taste. Performance wise, the Cobra King F6 Hybrid is built for promoting an easy-high launch in the air, via its specially designed deep and low center of gravity. After playing a few rounds with this baby, I discovered that the Cobra King F6 Hybrid makes for a great choice if you're looking to use it as a fairway wood alternative, offering plenty of distance and forgiveness and a high ball trajectory, combined with a soft landing. Another great feature of the Cobra King F6 Hybrid is its accuracy, unlike other hybrids on the market. To be fair, I must tell you that the F6 is astoundingly accurate, offering a tight dispersion, being amazingly predictable and consistent, round after round, the perfect traits for a hybrid. Bottom line, the Cobra King F6 Hybrid is an excellent choice if you're looking for reliable accuracy and solid feel.