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    Cobra FLY-Z XL HYBRID Golf Club Review

    The Cobra Fly-Z XL is a fine example of how a finely crafted hybrid rescue club should be designed like. Obviously, form follows function and the great qualities of this club are derived from its impeccable design, with the end result being an excellent/long club which offers its owner loads of forgiveness if used correctly. What makes this piece of golf gear different from others is the Speed Channel which can be observed around the edge of the face and its purpose is to give the ball astounding speeds regardless of the point of impact on the Cobra Fly-Z XL’s face. Also, it’s worth mentioning that Cobra manufactures some of the most impressive clubs consistency/forgiveness wise and this becomes obvious when you’re hitting the ball off centre; here the Speed Channel comes into play, making the Cobra Fly-Z XL a great performer which provides you with excellent feedback at impact and also delivers a pleasant, solid sound.

    Another advantage of the Speed Channel is that it allows the Cobra Fly-Z XL to move the CG (center of gravity) even further back, a feature that helps even more in terms of forgiveness and even when it comes to giving the ball a steady/stable mid-flight. Being an excellent all-rounder club with loads and loads of forgiveness and fairly easy to use, the Cobra Fly-Z XL is also the best feeling lcub in the Fly-Z XL range. In terms of looks, this baby is pleasantly moderate, being a medium sized pear shaped driver. As per its performance, this is among the best hybrids I’ve ever used, being impressively consistent and reliable, producing high and straight launching shots round after round. If you’re striving for consistency during swings, the Cobra Fly-Z XL comes as the ideal choice, being basically a no-brainer, as it feels like it’s controlling the ball for you. From the performance versus costs point of view, this can be regarded as the crown jewel in Cobra’s lineup of hybrid golf clubs and with its retail price of just $169, it really stands out from the pack, being a high quality and competitively priced golf club from a top-notch manufacturer.